A vibrant,  inclusive, caring, and supportive force  in our community-by-the-sea.

"At the heart of Shediac is a spire – a symbol, signal, sentinel, signpost, summons – a message and a means of communication.
A spire’s message: that God and the worship of God are to be at the heart of our being, our life, and our community to ground us, lift us and guide us by love.".


SUNDAYS @ ​10:30 AM

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We are a vibrant congregation of the United Church of Canada located in Shediac, New Brunswick.  We welcome residents and visitors of all denominations to share Worship, music, fellowship and mission.  

Join us next Sunday at 10:00 AM as we come together in praise.  We would love to meet you.

Our Mission  
     To be a vibrant, inclusive, caring, supportive force in our community.

Our Vision 
     Long-term viability through the growth of our congregation achieved by adapting to the spiritual needs, opportunities

     and aspirations of the communities in which we live.

Our Values 
    The following enduring Christian values have been chosen to guide our church mission:
         Inclusive - Welcoming - Caring - Supportive - Compassionate  - Empathetic - Sustainable - Teamwork

Worship Leader:      Reverend Danny Compton

Ministry of Music:   Choir & music leader/pianist

Church Council:     Our Church is led by a 12 person team, chosen from our membership. 

Trinity United Church is the single preaching place of the Shediac pastoral charge, part of the United Church of Canada. Over 2 million members and adherents worship through the United Church in about 3,000 congregations or preaching places across Canada.  ​​

Presbytery  There are 86 local presbyteries in Canada that meet frequently to provide administrative oversight of pastoral charges and Ministry Personnel.  Trinity United Church is a member of the Chignecto Presbytery.

Conference  There are 13 regional "conferences" in Canada that provide oversight and promotion of religious life of the presbyteries and congregations within their geographic area.  They meet at least every three years.   The Chignecto Presbyter and Trinity United Church are part of the Maritime Conference which includes Bermuda, the Gaspé Coast, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

United Church General Council   The United Church of Canada is governed by a General Council, with representation from across the 13 Conferences, which has the authority to enact legislation and measures to promote true Godliness.