SUNDAYS @ ​10:30 AM

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A vibrant,  inclusive, caring, and supportive force  in our community-by-the-sea.


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We are a vibrant congregation of the United Church of Canada located in Shediac, New Brunswick.  

We welcome residents and visitors of all ages denominations to share Worship, music, fellowship and mission.  

We welcome everyone the way Jesus did - regardless of age, race, ethnicity, class, gender, education, health, orientation, or physical ability.

Our Worship services include prayer, teaching, and music, followed by fellowship.

Join us next Sunday at 10:30 AM as we come together in praise.  

We would love to meet you!

Why attend Sunday Worship?

A recent survey of the Trinity congregation indicated that respondents attend Sunday Worship for the following reasons (in order of importance):

  • Sermon
  • Music
  • Personal Relationship with God
  • Peace and contemplation
  • Sense of belonging or community

Followed by:

  • Friendly atmosphere
  • To gain knowledge of my Religion and scripture
  • To gain motivation to live with Christian values
  • After-service fellowship​

Join us on Sunday to support your spiritual needs.