SUNDAYS @ ​10:30 AM

A Building Designed for Worship and Service

"...but as for me and my house, 
     we will serve the Lord.."

                             Joshua 24:15


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A vibrant,  inclusive, caring, and supportive force  in our community-by-the-sea.

The Trinity United Church Shediac building was dedicated on Sunday, October 31, 1894, and stands on the foundation of an earlier church, built in 1841 and destroyed by fire in 1893.  However, the beautiful memorial window, the pews, the communion table, reading desk, the hymn boards, and chairs were saved and are still a part of the present church.

The present church is of a Methodist church style, with a simple gothic design focused on function - mainly an accessible, open space to support bringing people together for worship and mission.  The church building is currently white and is comprised of two rectangular structures, arranged in the shape of an "L." 

One rectangle is the place for Worship and is marked by a higher roofline and dramatic long, stained-glass windows on all four sides;  the second rectangle is the space for fellowship and mission is a lower structure.  A single spire sits atop of a bell tower which provides the main entrance to Worship.

Inside, in the space for Worship, congregational seating is arranged on a single level - providing an open two-story area with a ceiling framed by massive timbers, shaped as an inverted ark.  Worshipers generally enter through the bell tower door and into the back of the area for congregational seating.  There are two "centre" aisles and seating is arranged in three identical sections on either side of the aisles, with 30 pews across the sections.  Large stained glass windows unfold at the back of the church and front of the church, with morning sunlight situated behind the front windows creating a glorious vision for morning service.  Smaller, tall stained-glass windows line the walls at the side of the area for congregational seating.