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Alexander James Tait  (1852-1882) 

In 1877, after going to Bermuda for health reasons, Alexander Tait returned and established a business with his brother, Robert Chesley Tait, which would pioneer the potato trade. 

Using their father's ship, the Oyster Bed Lass, they would be the first to carry such cargo from Shediac to Bermuda, the West Indies, and Latin America. This created an industry which would eventually spread throughout all of New Brunswick and neighbouring Prince Edward Island to become one of the major exports of the region. 

He did not live long after this but his brother carried on and expanded the Tait mercantile fortunes.  On the North side of the road leading to the Scoudouc River Bridge, an Inn was built and known as Harper's Hotel, built in the 1870s and demolished in ca.1960. This was later the home of Doctor Charles Theal and still later the home of Alexander Tait.